How the Somniresonance® SR1 works

Understanding the Bigger Picture

To understand where the device should be placed on your body, the support team at Somniresonance has found it helpful to explain the basics of how the device works. Placement can be simple, however, sometimes a bit of creativity is needed. At any time, if you are unable to get a successful placement, please do not hesitate to contact Michael by email ( for help.

Placement of Your SR1 is Key to the Device’s Performance

The SomniResonance® device works by gently mimicking the natural brain frequency patterns produced in the normal stages of falling asleep.

Location And Placement Of The SR-1 Sleep Device On The Body

You will find hypoallergenic, double-sided adhesive patches included in your package. Attach one side of the patch to the back side of the device opposite the LED light and the On/Off button. The side with the adhesive patch is pressed onto your chest over the Brachial Plexus, below the middle of the collar bone.

Why There?

Ultimately the brain needs to receive the frequency signal from the device to be effective. The nervous system of the body acts as a highway transmitting the signal from the chest to the head.

The brachial plexus is a nerve bundle, which by design is used to carry the signal from the SR1 sleep device to the brain stem, where it then communicates to the areas of the brain signaling sleep.

The brachial plexus was chosen by the inventing doctors, because use on the forehead was a bit intrusive, from a wearable standpoint.

Please note more instructions in the USER GUIDES.

Watch Ben Greenfield with talk about application and placement of the sleep device.

Tatiana of Luxx Health explains the placement of the SR1

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