Will the SomniResonance® SR1 sleep device work right away?


For many users YES!  For most clients, the results of the SR1 sleep device are realized in early use. However, everyone is different so with deep-seated sleep issues, the response period varies. We have reports from some clients that it took almost 3 weeks for them to really start seeing a difference in their sleep, but these are hard cases and ultimately they did see improved sleep.

So why so long? It really depends on what the source of ones sleep issue is, and what it takes to finally initiate the rebalancing of the sleep patterns.  Many with significant sleep issues have been at some time, under Physicians care or have at least had a sleep study done at a clinic.  They understand that they have a sleep problem, but truly don’t know why.  If you don’t respond to the SR1 sleep device, it is an indicator that there is an underlying issue causing your sleep patterns.  The SR1 sleep device is being found by physicians and clients alike, to be a great barometer. The response, or lack of response to the SR1 sleep device, prompts a deeper exploration of what is actually causing the issue.  It is always better to get to the source of a problem and not just treat the symptom.  The SR1 sleep device has been found to be effective in doing so.

Ruling out technical issues is always best.  If you are having sleep performance issues from use of the device, please reach out via email to customerservice@somniresonance.com.  Don’t wait until days or even weeks have passed and get discouraged.  A phone call can be arranged to review your situation.  Many clients have benefited from a brief phone call, discovering that changing the battery,  or simple adjustments in placement or regimen with the device resulted in that much sought after improvement in sleep quality.  Here at SomniResonance, our objective is to get you sleeping.

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