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Coach Herb, runs an online fitness program as well as a one on one personal fitness club where he helps regular folks meet their goals.

He also works with athletes & fitness competitors to get them to win!

A personal trainer for over 25 years, was 2005 Natural Mr. Georgia (SNBF) and Mr. Atlantic (NPC) Light Heavy. Coach Herb is currently a judge for several organizations and has many years of experience preparing athletes for competition from football to tennis, swimming and diving, running and biking, and, of course, bodybuilding and figure.

Always looking for a competitive edge for his clientele as well as improvement in his own regimen, Coach Herb has implemented the Delta Sleeper protocol with the SR1 device and has this to say…

”With as much traveling and off hours work that I do, limited sleep is a way of life. It seems that way with many of my clients as well. This is detrimental on your mind, body and health. I had surrendered to sleeping when I could and relied on naps in between clients and events to keep me going. My quality of sleep was poor at best.

Since using the SR1 device my sleep regimen has become a powerful advantage, my best supplement. Most nights I don’t wake up at all. Whereas before I would wake up at least two times in a 4-5 hour window.

The quality of sleep I get now is beyond what I have ever experienced, with no side effects. It’s restful, non-medicine induced so I’m not coming out of a coma when I wake up. I’m not foggy and my body’s call to take naps during the day is minimal. If I do take a nap, I allow 90 minutes while using the device and I wake up restful and crisp.

This technology is indeed the new super supplement!

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