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My sleep problems started in 2009 with the unwelcome news that I had non-invasive cancer confined to the ducts of the right breast. After two lumpectomies I had a mastectomy with reconstruction.

Unfortunately, I developed an infection and the reconstruction had to be removed. In 2010 I completed the reconstruction process. However, after seven surgeries in a year and half my body was in an unhealthy sleep mode. I would sleep for an hour, awaken and then sleep for 2 hours if I was lucky. This pattern continued all night, left me sluggish and not in the best shape mentally or physically. I was tired all the time and on really bad nights when I might sleep a half hour at a time while worrying about whether I would ever get some sleep. Hot flashes also contributed to the poor sleep pattern. As the cancer had been estrogen receptive I could not take any estrogen or estrogen like substances to help the situation.

Finally, I talked to my doctor and the best solution seemed to be to take Temazepam to help smooth out the edges and help me sleep for longer periods of time.

Fast forward to 2016 and I began to make some changes for my health. My daughter discovered Ben Greenfield’s podcasts and shared the link with me. I listened to the podcast on the delta sleeper and was impressed with the description of the product and what it could do. I read most of the information on the website and pondered for a couple of days. The 30-day money back guarantee impressed me as did the reports of the customer service, so I placed the order. I used it the first week and half while still taking the Temazepam and did not really notice much difference in my sleep.

Then I stopped the Temazepam. Previously I had been able to take the Temazepam every other night and the effects lingered long enough to help some that second night. Not this time! Two months prior to this I had cut out wheat and sugar from my diet and had experienced great positive effects. Prior to this the effects of the Temazepam lasted through a second day. As my body now processed things faster the effects of previous day’s Temazepam wore off suddenly in the middle of the first night without Temazepam. I woke at 2:30 am and tried for almost 2 hours to get back to sleep. No luck. I was wide awake and knew this rebound from stopping the Temazepam would happen but expected it the next night. I went to my home office and worked for an hour and then went back to bed and was able to fall asleep with the help of the delta sleeper and slept fairly well until 7:30 am.

Since that night I have sleep better and longer stretches than I did on the Temazepam and with no side effects. If I awaken in the night now I can usually just rollover and go back to sleep although occasionally I do reactivate the sleeper. I am very pleased with the Delta sleeper and intend to keep it. It is still a little weird that something that makes no noise when working really is working.

Making the choice to purchase the sleeper has improved my sleep, given me more energy and relieved the stress of worrying about getting the Temazepam refill on time.

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