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I never thought I would have sleep problems. I was one of those who was asleep before my head hit the pillow. All this changed suddenly. I was exposed to some toxic fumes and instantly developed insomnia. I could not sleep for days on end. Not understanding the dynamics of what happened I went to the doctor; he had no clue as to what happened and the severity of the injury to the brain. This began a five year battle of constant struggle for sleep and a drugged up life to deal with it.

In addition to sleep issues I started having sensitivities to every food, every odor, and even electricity. I lost my job and became home bound, living on a foil lined mattress in a foil lined room. All our electricity was off and our furniture moved out. Even Mayo Clinic did not know how to treat me. So not knowing how to treat these symptoms I was given a cocktail of five drugs–Neurotin, Seroquil, Xanax, Cymbalta, and Ambien. This drug combination knocked me out most of the time, but the side effects of these drugs were terrible. I was constantly groggy, nauseous, and light headed. By God’s grace I began to be healed of all the sensitivities and started a long process of weaning off the drugs. As I did the sleep issues became more prominent again. Living on only a few hours of sleep is not really living. Desperation set in.

I did not go looking for this sleep device. I found it while researching repetitive stress physical injuries. I did research on ways to help with scar tissue, and started using some pulse electromagnetic frequency devices; they did help with the pain. This all led to discovering a similar use of this technology for sleep, and the Somniresonance SR1 device. I read the research behind the device and the stories of people it had helped. I had nothing to lose, but I was a bit skeptical it could help with the severity of my insomnia– both trouble getting to sleep, and trouble getting back to sleep upon waking. I was set to return it before I even got it. Was I in for a surprise!

I began using the device and it has become nothing short of a miracle. Positioning it can take some practice, but once in the correct spot (about two inches below the collar bone and two inches from the armpit), it puts me to sleep within the 22 minute cycle. I still have to do my part–avoiding caffeine at night, taking care of my body pains, not eating the wrong foods, etc.. It will not override all of that. But it really works. If I wake up I press the button again and quickly get back to sleep. I cannot tell you how this has changed my life. I did not think I would ever sleep again.

I had a minor issue with the device and Michael quickly answered my questions and helped fix the issue. The support has been great; I believe Michael truly believes in this device and wants to help people, not just sell a product. I tell all my friends who have sleep issues about this device. They know my story and are amazed at the results.

My hope is that God continues to heal my body and my “fight or flight” always-on brain, and that I will need the device less and less. But in the mean time there is nothing like getting a good night’s sleep, and this device reliably helps with that.

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