FINALLY after a lifetime of poor sleep he is sleeping like a baby


I love Ben’s podcasts and was thrilled to know there were possible solutions for my husband’s chronic lifetime insomnia, other than the heavy doses of medications he has used to find some relief in the past. We are talking years and years of not only troubles falling asleep, but staying asleep, getting into deep sleep and never feeling rested upon awaking. He has tried all the sleep prescriptions available with little or no effect and was desperate to find solutions. His most recent prescription, which did finally offer some relief was a mega heavy dose of Seroquel, which he has used for a couple of years now, only to find out the side effects are significant and this drug should not be used long term. So you can imagine my excitement in hearing Ben’s podcast and listening to Michael Lares! After listening, I called Michael directly and quizzed him on particulars relating to my husband’s situation. After talking with Michael and knowing we had a money back guarantee, I purchased the unit. My husband now has been using the Delta Sleeper for 2 months and it is an answer to our prayers! FINALLY after a lifetime of poor sleep he is sleeping like a baby! He still takes a little while to wind down and fall asleep, and occasionally has to push the on button a couple of times to finally get to sleep, but once asleep, he is sleeping deeply, and soundly and most nights he sleeps through the night completely, 8 hours!! That was unheard of in his life. You can’t imagine how debilitating years and years of that can be! How can you put a price tag on sleep? The delta sleeper is worth every penny!! Try it. Give it a chance to work. And you will be calling Michael Lares, “Michael the ArchAngel” the angel who offers Life and Hope, just like us!

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